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Here are some of our biggest hits and introduce some very special items that make for perfect wine gifts. Don't miss our famous wine clubs and special events.
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September 2016 Grand Tour 12-pack - Save 43% off Regular Price
List Price: $282.00
Our Price: 160.00
You save $122.00!
December 2016 Grand Tour 12-pack - Save 43% off Regular Price
List Price: $350.00
Our Price: 200.00
You save $150.00!
2014 Aequorea (Aaron) Viognier, Spanish Springs Vineyard, CA $22.50 This remarkable Viognier captures the elusive balance between the grape’s rich, nutty flavor and floral and mineral tones. Avid surfer and winemaker Aaron Jackson must have spied this cool, coastal site while atop a tasty wave at Pismo Beach. It produces a Vio’ that is thoroughly French in temperament. Try this with grilled pork chops and veggies or roast chicken when the fog layer rolls in. $38 at the winery.

2014 Florian Roblin Sauvignon Blanc Coteaux du Giennois, Loire, FR, $20 One of the discoveries of the year - this is awesome Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc. This wine hits the palate like a thunderbolt of grapefruit, pear, chalk and flint. Unmistakably Loire Valley -but this tastes waaaay too good to be just an everyday SB. There’s a richness, intensity and precision that makes this taste like Sancerre – but not just any Sancerre – the very best stuff.

2015 Il Pergola “Goccetto” Rosso, Piedmont, IT, $12 Goccetto is Italian for “a little drop” and that gives a good hint to the unserious nature of this friendly but addictive little red. It’s a blend of Barbera and Brachetto, which is surprisingly fresh and fragrant – as if you filled up your market bag with berries and flowers. Bright and balanced with just the right amount of acidity, this is an excellent aperitif and match for veggie-driven cuisine.

2013 Quivira Mourvedre, Dry Creek Valley, CA, $19 What if we lived in Bandol instead of Berkeley? That’s what it feels like when cracking the sinfully good Mourvedre from Sonoma’s Quivira. It ticks all the boxes – swarthy southern fruit studded with herbs de provence and wrapped up in a savory package with bittersweet chocolate tannins. This is like a stateside version of Domaine Tempier and we’re behind this wine in a serious way. We’ve locked up the rest of the production, dropping this from $32 at the winery to $19 for you!

2014 Tenuta Bidini Nero d’Avola, Sicily, IT $16 One of our long time love affairs has been with the excellent Bidini Nero d’Avola. This jazzy Southern red loads up on Nero’s jammy black fruit and yummy baking spice. Where Bidini separates itself from the pack is with surprising lift and minerality, turning this from respectable table red to screaming bargain. Lovers of the high-end wines from Occhipinti will find a lot to like here.

2014 Ground Effect Cabernet Sauvignon, Santa Ynez Valley, CA $24 One of the wine world’s rising stars is Ryan Roark, known for handmaking his wine every step of the way. Ground effect is his term for terroir, something not often prized in California Cabernet. Perhaps that’s why he went to the land of Syrah for his Santa Ynez Cab! This has a really satisfying mix of currant, cherry and wild berry fruit, trimmed by the savory earth nuance so famous in appellation’s Syrahs. This has muscular fruit that softens with a short decant. A lot of wine for the money, and should please choosy Cab-hounds. $34 at the winery.

2015 Paolo Cali “Blues” Grillo, Sicily, IT, $19 Paolo Cali’s an innovative vintner in Sicily’s Vittoria, a region which has drawn a lot of attention from the NY Times in recent months. It’s due to bottles like this. Grillo is Sicily’s answer to Chardonnay – and “Blues” is like Chardonnay from the Jura – or Fruili. It takes a pleasant, inoffensive grape to intriguing new territory with a touch of peachy skin contact and savory, herbal, yeasty complexity. Try this with cheese & charcuterie, fritto misto and spicy soups.

2015 Folk Machine Dry Riesling, Santa Lucia Highlands, CA $18 The quest for great domestic Riesling continues and the most recent example of great progress is this mineral-rich, bracing white from the Big Pond vineyard. Our beloved peripatetic vigneron Kenny Likitprakong (Hobo) has found this old, own-rooted site dating back to the 1960’s. Lovers of Alsatian Riesling will recognize their old friend here as this threads together apple, lime and wet stone in a package that has nice texture to go with its brisk personality. And no, it’s not sweet.

2012 Tinto Figuero “12” Ribera del Duero, SP, $20 Wine critic Stephen Tanzer once said Rioja is to Bordeaux what Ribera del Duero is to Napa. Spot on, Steve. The Tempranillos from RdD are bolder, richer and more forward than their restrained Riojan counterparts. Yet that generosity makes them incredible partners with grilled meats, burgers and dry-aged cheeses. Tinto Figuero is a long-time grower turned winery that’s caught the attention of the international press. We like it, too – buying big to reduce the price from $32!

2014 Poco a Poco Zinfandel, Russian River Valley, CA $20 Poco a Poco, how we’ve missed you – this cutesy label hides some serious juice produced by the biodynamic Eden called Porter-Bass. Immaculate farming – and an intuitive understanding of their land lets P-B grow Zin that pushes down hard on the happy button while keeping an authentic taste of soil, stone and the forest that surrounds the vineyard. Immense wine at a fair price – start this off with late summer bbqs but stash some for roast, lamb and slow-cooked wintry fare.

2015 Zafeirakis Malagousia, Thessaly, GR, $21 The swelling selection of Greek wines at our shops reflects the renaissance of Grecian wine culture. Of course, their history is millennia old, but the newest generation has made a quick study of modern winemaking practices. Zafeirakis is an organic winery nestled in the foothills of Mount Olympus (seriously!) and here’s their beautiful Malagousia – a native white with the tropical fragrance of Vermentino and a textured, balanced mouthfeel. Compulsively drinkable!

2015 Dupeuble Beaujolais, FR, $15 The technical term for this kind of wine is “happy juice.” The 2015 vintage was super-kind in Beaujolais where a nice,warm season left Gamay growers with abundant fruit and sappy summer berry flavors. That comes through loud in clear in this modestly-priced but extravagantly ripe Bojo that can do anything a cheap Cali’ Pinot can, but ten times better. Park wine, burger wine, pizza wine. In 2015, Dupeuble does it all.

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NV Vallformosa Origen, Cava, Spain
- $14.50

This is waaay more complicated than any bubbly under $15 has a right to be... and that’s because this is ordinarily a $20 Cava! (FYI: we have the lowest price on this in the country.) A big step up from Vallformosa’s popular entry-level Cava -- it turns out that the 30-year-old vines that go into this cuvée make a difference! Green apples, bright & light acidity, with peppy, round bubbles. All-purpose sparkler equally suited for before brunch or during dinner.

2015 Jean-Max Roger “La Grange Dîmiere” Pinot Noir, Sancerre, France - $25

Here at Vintage Berkeley? Rosé’s not something we do part-time. We think pink... ’s as pretty on a holiday table as it is on a summer chaise longue! And come holiday-time? We up our game. This Sancerre rosé serves equally well as a prelude to a feast, a Point Reyes oyster pairing... or just an invitation to soak in a steaming bath dotted with rose petals while someone massages your feet and a faceless angel lays cucumbers over your eyes. Pinot flavors abound: wild strawberry, a whisper of wet forest floor, all with a gentle citrus lift and divinely silky body. Dream of a Pink Christmas!

2012 Marr “Mariah Vineyards” Pinot Noir, Mendocino Ridge, California, U.S.A. - $25

Mendocino Ridge has the unique characteristic of being the only appellation in the USA that isn’t contiguous, with the designation being limited only to vineyards over 1200ft elevation. These “Islands in the Sky” produce some of the most aromatic, vibrant, and unique Pinot in California. Bob Marr’s version gives up a woodsy, spice-driven strawberry-packed nose, and a long silky finish of fresh raspberry liqueur. The best choice around for an evening on the deck, or a chicken on the grill.

2012 Fattoria Montellori Chianti, Chianti, Tuscany, Italy - $17.50

Why can’t more Chianti taste like this? Too often these days we’re faced with cheap, sharp, angular Chianti that barely passes as something to wash down spaghetti with. Fortunately, old school producers like Fattoria Montellori still roll out the good stuff. Traditional Sangiovese packed with that classic dusty leather, deep morello cherry, and dried violets combo that reminds us why we love this ubiquitous wine. Fall in love all over again.

2013 Pasanau “Ceps Nous” Garnacha/Merlot/Syrah, Priorat, Spain - $23

There’s a reason Priorat often gets considered the sexiest wine region in all of Spain: its famed llicorella (a particular sort of shiny, mica-flecked black slate) soils give an unmistakable mineral tingle to the powerful red wines that are born there. It’s hard, though: the affordable ones can be facile and overripe; the expensive ones are hard to pop on a weeknight. Enter Ceps Nous: terroir-driven Priorat priced for Tuesdays. Dark cherry, licorice (llicorella is the Catalan word for it, so it makes sense), smoke and spice make this a dream wine for your holiday roast.

2011 Andrew Will “Two Blondes”, Walla Walla, Washington, U.S.A. - $45.00

Chris Camarda's iconic Washington estate continues to reject trend and craft wines that taste more like Saint-Estephe than Walla Walla. The style here gives equal importance to subtlety and structure, so these wines can lead with powerful, iron-wrought fruit and then surprise with a finish imbued with earth and floral notes. Decant this Cabernet blend and serve with lamb or Côte de Boeuf. For those who loved the stately mountain Cabs of Napa's Golden Age, this will be a welcome surprise.

2014 Domaine des Gandines Chardonnay, Viré-Clessé, Burgundy, France - $20

The excitement surrounding 2014 White Burgundies is well-deserved. From top to bottom,this is a vintage where the region's famous Chardonnays truly excelled. One of our favorite sweet-spot appellations is Vire-Clesse, where rich apple fruit and minerality are harmoniously matched. Gandines is a fourth-generation family grower who recently converted back to organic farming and has seen a surge in quality. Classic French Chardonnay that offers real value.

2013 Nerantzi “Pentapolis”, Serres, Thrace, Greece - $21

“Pentapolis” comes from the Greek region of Thrace, an ancient viticultural region where it is said the mythical god Dionysus was born. That’s some pretty damn good pedigree to start off with if you ask me! Dionysus’s legacy lives on in this beautiful blend of Assyrtiko, Malagouzia, and the local Asprouda varieties. An orangerie’s worth of honeysuckle, cara cara, peach, and Sorrento lemons leap out of the glass like a frisky satyr, making a great case for this crisp, medium-bodied wine’s selection for your next hedonistic at-home Bacchanalian “event”.

2014 Meyer Family Yorkville Highlands Syrah, Mendocino, California, U.S.A. - $23

We’ve followed this vineyard since we opened up VB. The Yorkville Highlands is that foggy plateau that drops into Mendocino on your way to Boonville from Cloverdale. And somewhere between the great old-vine Zins of Northern Sonoma and Mendocino's buzzy Anderson Valley Pinot Noir, is hope for Syrah it seems. The latest MFC Syrah has blueberry, stones, and smoke -- not that unlike, oh, say, a Crozes-Hermitage, anyone? The barest touch of French oak barrel makes it downright sexy. Only 13.9 alc. content, too! Fantastic local, old-school Syrah.

2014 Vignerons de Maury Maury Sec, Maury, Roussillon, France - $20

Maury is a little, hardly-heard-of appellation in France’s Roussillon region. Since it’s almost always associated with deep, sweet, sultry, Grenache-based dessert reds (totally not in vogue here at the moment), Maury doesn’t get a lot of fanfare here in the US. Which is a pity, especially if it led you to miss this glorious, rich *dry* Maury red: 80-20 Grenache-Carignane, loaded with deep blackberry, plum, scorched earth, peppercorns, and a roasted boar-friendly medium body. This is Winter Wine Apotheosis.

2012 Ettore Germano Nebbiolo, Barolo, Piedmont, Italy - $70

Serious and imposing: an apt description of both Sergio Germano and his Barolos. But that's just skin-deep; in truth, both winemaker and wine have a cuddly core that causes tasters to fall head over heels. For years, Sergio's Serralunga Barolo has provided deliciously ripe strawberry-ish Nebbiolo with a peppery core of Serralunga iron. In 2012, though, this time-honored recipe got an extra boost from some of the region's most legendary sites - Prapo, Cerretta and Lazzarito!

NV Vieira de Sousa Fine Tawny, Douro, Portugal - $22

When you fall in love it happens quickly and rips right through all your tired biases. Like the one that says a “newer” Port house, run by a 30-year-old farmer’s daughter, can’t possibly be the thing that most electrifies your wintrified spine. But here she comes, and there she is: Luisa Vieira de Sousa Borges, using all estate fruit to craft one of the greatest Tawny Ports we’ve had in years. Hand-harvested; trod by foot, oldschool-style; fermented with native yeast. Notes of nuts, caramel, dried figs and purple plums make this a pure winter heart-warmer.