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Wine Classes

Solano Cellars hosts an ongoing series of introductory and intermediate wine classes at our wine bar in Albany, CA.  Each class is structured to introduce you to the key points of the subject matter, illustrate with examples (yes, wine is included), and to solicit feedback and questions from the attendees.  We find this encourages the inquisitive mindset that makes wine appreciation easy and rewarding. 

Regular Class Offerings

Wine 101:  A 3-night class conducted over three weeks that outlines the fundamentals of wine appreciation, major wine styles from around the world, and the basics of wine and food pairing.  In addition, the class covers subjects like identifying aromas and tastes, navigating restaurant wine lists, deciphering information on a label, and how to spot a "corked" wine.    This class is offered 3 times a year, in Winter, Spring and Fall.  Seating is limited to 20 people.  The class is taught with flair by senior members of the Solano Cellars staff.

Wine and Food 101:  A multi-part class that illuminates the inner-workings of the wine and food relationship.  Instructed by Chef Kirstin and her supporting players, the class explains the thought process behind wine and food pairing, rules of thumb, opportunities for experimentation, and how to fix a wine and food pairing gone awry.  With food and wine examples.  This class is offered on an intermittent basis.

Wine and Cheese:  What could be easier?  With years of experience observing the interaction between wine and cheese, Chef Kirstin has some surprising insights.  With examples of commonly-found (and more esoteric) cheese, Kirstin demonstrates the world's best pairings and world's biggest trainwrecks.  Along the way, an impassioned case for artisanal cheese is made.  With several examples of cheese and the wines that love them.  Offered twice a year.